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Canadian immigrants are becoming the majority of Canada’s population. According to Census 2011, 6.6 million Canadians speak a language, other than English or French, most often at home. This number is equivalent to almost 20% of the total population in Canada. 80% of the population who reported speaking an immigrant language most often at home lived in one of Canada’s six largest metropolitan areas: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa-Gatineau.

Newcomers to Canada are more inclined to use ethnic media to better understand their ethnicity’s place in Canadian society and keep informed about their home country.

Ethnic media provides entertainment, news, and a direct link to one’s home country.

Almost half of ethnic expatriates continue to use ethnic media, even those who have been in the country for years. This contradicts the conventional belief that ethnic consumers will behave like majority consumers after a few years.

Ethnic media strategies should be a permanent component in any future advertising plan in order to capture culturally diversified markets.

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