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Al Nahar


Al Nahar is a general entertainment TV network broadcasting from Cairo, Egypt. Programming contains In-depth political issues, hard hitting talk shows with the biggest names in the industry, mini-series, dramas, game shows, movies and reality shows

Al Nahar Drama

Al Nahar Drama is among the top three free to air channels in Egypt and know for its diverse general entertainment programming catering to all audiences. Programming includes: Dramas, talk shows, reality show, culinary shows, soap operas and more!

BBC Arabic

BBC Arabic is a 24/7 news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political , financial and business news in the Arabic language. It also offers talk shows and specialty programming.

Dream 2

Dream 2 is the premier private Egyptian channel, broadcasting 24-hours a day from Egypt. Dream 2 offers a variety of general entertainment programs including; dramas, comedies, religious programs, movies, talk shows, news, children’s shows and sports.

Melody Aflam

Melody Aflam is a top rated movie channel from Egypt offering films from the Arab world including classics and current hits, from the 1950s through to the present day.

Melody Drama

Melody Drama is a top rated entertainment channel from Egypt featuring popular Arabic television series, comedies, dramas and much more.

Melody Hits

Melody Hits is a top rated music channel from Egypt featuring popular music hits from the 1990s to the present day. It presents music videos, concerts, music specials and interviews with top performers.

Ya Hala

Ya Hala is a true HD channel custom made for the culturally rich Arab community around the globe. The channel embodies the diverse interests and global minds of Arab expats and features award winning series, talk shows, general entertainment and lifestyle programs.