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A Media

Amedia is a general entertainment Russian channel – solely comprised of the best Russian series, soap operas, historical dramas and crime shows.

CTC International

CTC International is one of the leading networks in Russia. It’s line-up provides all of the best of Russian and international productions. With it’s great mix of content, this channel targets audiences from age 6 to 54. CTC’s powerful brand has strong recognition with a broad cross-section of viewers who are attracted by its original and dynamic programming which has a youthful and aspirational outlook.



Detskiy is a children’s entertainment channel, trusted by parents. It is comprised of cartoons, game shows, children’s most popular movies, kid’s arts and crafts programs.


The Kontinental Hockey League is a Russian Hockey channel.

Experience 8 months of non-stop hockey: 40 games per week and a regular season of over 600 games in dynamic HD.

The biggest hits, the most exciting games, the best players…Watch as 26 teams from around Europe battle for the Gagarin Cup.

KHL TV has a variety of shows and programming off the ice. Learn about hockey, the life of your favorite players and the business behind the game.

Experience true hockey lifestyle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

KHL TV…Everything hockey, for every hockey fan.


RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news.

RTR Planeta

RTR Planeta is the #1 channel from Russia.

Programming includes up-to-the minute news, documentaries, award-winning television series, celebrity talk shows and more!


RTVi offers the best dramatic and cinematic productions of both the West and East, as well as independently-produced, special-interest programs

  • movies, soap operas, cultural programs, public affairs, live coverage of local and national community events, sports, science, children’s shows, family entertainment, how-to programs, most-watched news, sitcoms, dramas, documentaries and current affairs

Russian Illuzion

Russian Illuzion is a movie channel – modern and good old “oldies” -entertainment for the entire family. The channel is designed to unite generations and deliver pearls of Russian cinema, showing modern film and series, as movies produced in the nostalgic 60-s and 80-s.

TV Rain

TV Rain is a Russian independent television channel focusing on news, discussions, culture, politics, business reports, and documentaries. The channel’s motto is “talk about important things with those who are important to us”. Most programmings on TV Rain are live broadcasts.


TVCi is a general entertainment channel from Moscow, Russia. Programming includes movies, soap operas, talk shows, daily morning shows, health shows, educational programs and news segments 4 times a day. TVCi is the leader in analytical, political and family entertainment programs.