By Shruti Ganapathy | May 10, 2018
An initiative of Ethnic Channels Group Ltd, the channel will broadcast Canadian programming content that caters to multiple ethnic communities in their preferred language.

Canada's largest ethnic television broadcasting company is all set to unveil their newest venture - a uniquely innovative multicultural television channel that will allow Canadians of all communities and backgrounds to access programming content, be it news, information or entertainment, in the language of their choice, simultaneously.

Aptly titled Voices TV, the channel, a game-changing initiative of the Ethnic Channels Group Ltd (ECG), will focus on regional, national and international news, information, current affairs and entertainment programming to satisfy the needs of all Canadians irrespective of their cultural and linguistic background and ethnicity.

"A key element of our programming strategy for Voices TV is that we will be offering programming in multiple languages simultaneously throughout the broadcast day," says Slava Levin, CEO of ECG. "We will begin by offering this programming in 10 different languages in the first year of operation using the multiple language feeds. We will increase the number of language feeds to 15 in the second year, 20 in the third year and to 25 by the fourth year of operation."

To fulfil the growing needs of Canada's diverse and robust multi-cultural community, Voices TV has developed an inclusive and innovative technological approach to provide multilingual and multi-ethnic programming, to ensure the largest number of Canadians from diverse communities can access programming on this channel, in the language of their choice, throughout the broadcast day.

The attempt is to not just allow people to access multicultural programming in their native language, but also encourage understanding and inclusion among the different diverse communities residing within Canada. "The idea is to cater to the needs of the diverse growing population in the country in a manner that most suits their wants and needs. Currently, over 20 percent of the Canadian population speaks a third language. This number is increasing by 15 percent every 5 years," says Hari Srinivas, President, ECG.

"What we are essentially trying to do is eradicate language as a barrier when it comes to access to programming. Through the use of this state-of-the-art technology, a Chinese family will be able to access Arabic programming in Chinese. As a result, the possibilities for cultural inclusion and integration truly become endless," he adds.

The channel will take on the important role of transmitting and dubbing crucial news, information, current affairs and programming that is consistent with the demands of Canada's population diversity, while operating and broadcasting a minimum of three distinct regional programming feeds to serve audiences in Eastern, Central and Western Canada.

"Voices TV will be a trusted and reliable source of news and information for Canada's multicultural communities. We will cover news stories and issues that are important to Canada's multicultural communities across the country from a Canadian perspective. As our give back to the communities we serve, we also plan to produce and broadcast a program entitled Welcome to Canada that will assist new Canadians with their integration into Canadian society and Canadian life. We're really excited about that!" added Levin

Voices TV is currently one of the eight applicants contending a national, multilingual multi-ethnic television service offering news and information programming, which, if licensed, would receive mandatory distribution on the basic service pursuant to section 9(1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act. To Learn more about Voices TV and its unique features, visit To support its application with the CRTC visit


Voices TV is a unique, informative and innovative multilingual, multiethnic television station that aims to provide Canadians nationwide, irrespective of ethnic and linguistic background, access to quality programming content. The channel will predominantly focus on local, regional, national and international news and information programming with an emphasis on inclusivity, tolerance and awareness. With a mandate to grant a "voice" to all Canadians, the channel will meet the needs of Canada's growing diverse population with three distinct regional programming feeds to serve audiences in Eastern, Central and Western Canada as well as broadcast programming in multiple languages simultaneously to suit individual needs to ensure that the largest population groups from our diverse communities can access programming in their native languages on an everyday basis.